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Product Description The Navigator of Life is a tool to assist individuals in making balanced decisions by encouraging the consideration of the areas of family/friends, health,environment, personal development, recreation, financial, education, and spirituality in all decisions.
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A straightforward, plain-terms guide , September 6, 2008
By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)
Written by doctor of education and CEO Nathaniel J. Williams, The Navigator of Life is a self-help book for readers of all backgrounds, offering a three-step process for dealing with the complicated obstacles of life, using navigation at sea as a metaphor. The three helpful phases are Dock, in which readers re-examine their core beliefs in such things as continuous improvement, unconditional manners, respect, adopting language and behavior of an uplifting behavior, and more; Chart Course, in which readers divine their best path by asking themselves questions about eight key areas of their lives (ranging from spirituality to finances, education, health, family and friends); and Home Coming, in which the answers to the previous questions offer forth the best, individually tailored approach to dealing with current problems. A straightforward, plain-terms guide to dealing with difficult issues that have different solutions depending upon what type of person is confronted with the problem, The Navigator of Life is highly recommended for personal and public library self-help collections.

Chart a course to a change in your life, May 11, 2008
By Joanna Daneman (Middletown, DE USA)
"Author Nat Williams provides a course chart to link your core principles with decisions for action in your life."

"After identifying your core beliefs and taking "the pledge" (Be Grateful, Be Aware, Be Appreciative, Be Happy) you learn to navigate your decisions based on the impact of the decision on various aspects of your life."

Very Helpful Book, April 30, 2008
By Sister Mystic
"Dr. Williams provides a thoughtful guide for making decisions. He draws from many sources and integrates them into a model for navigating the journey of life. "

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