Navigator of Life Model


The model consists of three phases: Dock, Chart Course, and Home Coming. In our application, when our children face decisions and/or crises, they must Dock, Chart Courses and have a Home Coming.

In the Dock phase they need to remind themselves of our agency Core Beliefs.

  • Positive Impact
  • Higher Power
  • Standard/Rules
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Unconditional Manners
  • Respect
  • Best Appearance
  • Language and Behavior of Upbuilding Nature

After our children have resolutely determined to act only within the parameters of these good values can they move to the Chart Course phase. Here they must ask themselves a series of questions relative to the eight vital areas of their lives.

  • Education: what they know
  • Spirituality: what they believe
  • Family and Friends: with whom they belong
  • Recreation: how they play
  • Financial: what they have
  • Health: their fitness
  • Environment: where they live
  • Personal Development: how they mature

What our children's Education and Spiritual Upbringing, etc. have taught them, will provide them the resources to successfully navigate their way around whatever obstacles they face.

Finally, our children proceed to the Home Coming phase. Contemplation without application is like knowing you are ill and considering the need for medication, without ever taking the curative pill. It is at this juncture they decide on the course of action they believe will best negotiate the twists and turns of their current dilemma.

We strongly encourage the children in our care to use this model and to process their issues and make decisions. All the programs at ChildFirst use this values based model to help children deal with the issues they face everyday.

Planning Forms

Here are two forms that are useful for future planning.


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